Chief Officer Vehicle
  • Is your Chief or Chief Officers issued a "take home" vehicle?"  
  • Is the Deputy/Assistant Chief assigned a take-home vehicle?
  • Is there more than one DC or AC within your department?
  • Are there any other members in your department assigned take home vehicles? ( i.e. training safety, fire bureau ) 
  • Do they respond back to emergency incidents?
  • Do you require a residency policy for anyone assigned a take-home vehicle?

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Q. Does your Department/District charge for invalid assists? If so, what are the parameters and the fee?

A. Click here for the survey results to these questions
  File System
Q. What type of filing system do you utilize for your NFIRS and Ambulance Reports (the paper reports). Do you maintain your NFIRS and ambulance reports separately? Or do you combine? And please explain your process.
  • File together; although 1 does not transport
  • Separate folders for NFRIS & Ambulance Reports, but filed together by month
  • Separate/different cabinets for NFRIS & Ambulance Reports
  • All reports on computer – do not print unless needed
  • All reports on computer; ambulance reports filed separately
  Fire Prevention
Q. What software does your Fire Prevention Division use for drawing Pre Plans?
  • Visio Software
  • Fire Zone (CAD Zone Software) 
  • Graph paper and then scan the drawings & place in Firehouse Occupancy files
  • CAD Program
  • Excel
  Health Insurance
Q. What does your department offer if an employee waives insurance?

A. See attachment
  Incident Action Plan Forms
Q. Does anyone have write-able Incident Action Plan Forms, FEMA - ICS 202, ICS 203, ICS 204 etc?

A. See attachment
  Incident Investigation Report Forms for Accidents/Exposures/Injuries
Q. Does anyone have an Incident Investigation Report Form and/or a Blood & Body Fluids Exposure Report Forms to document accidents/exposures/injuries?
  OSFM guidelines
Q. What are the OSFM guidelines for a Line of Duty Death Notification?
  Psychological Evaluation for New Hires
Q. Does your department/district require psychological evaluations on your new hires? If yes, full-time only or part-timers and who do you use to perform this service?
Q. Does anyone have a NIMS resolution on file as required by the Department of Homeland Security?
  Safety Seat Programs - 2011 List of Departments
Q. Where can i find Safety Seat Programs listed by Departments
  State & Federal Death Benefits
Q. Does anyone know if there are specific Beneficiary Designation Form for the State of Illinois or the Federal Government line of duty death benefits?  If there are, do you know where I can obtain these. 

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